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I talk on YouTube, and I play video games on YouTube

I tag my 'original content' posts with oc.

Posted on 17th Apr at 4:30 PM, with 13 notes

I just ate super spicy noodles and I feel like it cleaned out my dang sinuses because my nose is leaking, how refreshing

Posted on 15th Apr at 8:18 PM, with 49 notes
anyway here’s firewall
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anyway here’s firewall

Posted on 12th Apr at 11:12 AM, with 12 notes
what it’s like to friend me
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what it’s like to friend me

Posted on 11th Apr at 10:52 AM, with 8 notes

why are they so good at announcements

Posted on 10th Apr at 10:38 PM, with 4,743 notes


can we talk about this.

because we REALLY need to talk about this.

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justin and i watched this episode tonight and then rewatched this part about 6-7 million times

this is the funniest thing portlandia has done up to this point


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